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We represent a diverse group of people who have in common a passion for organs and organ music. We include professional and amateur organists who play and enjoy organ music from the most ancient to the most modern. Our community contains a tremendous variety of organs in churches, synagogues, concert halls, theaters, and residences.

Through our AGO Chapter, we provide a wide range of programs to educate, inspire, and involve our members and the community in the love of the organ and organ music.

Our current newsletter, September/October 2015, is online.


The next event --- Saturday morning 31 October, 10:00am

Qi Gong for Organists Led by Paul Rosas

The essence of Medical Qi Gong is slow breathing that involves gentle movement of the spine. The class will be in two stages: the first is resting on the floor, and the second is standing and incorporating the breath and movement of the spine with 6 simple and gentle movements of the whole body.

What are the benefits of Qi Gong?

The gentle movements and breathing that incorporates the movement of the spine profound health benefits:

The gentle movement of the spine increases the strength of the muscles between the vertebrae and can reduce everyday spinal pain.
The slow breathing encourages the mind and body to relax and reach a calm state that encourages better sleep, better digestion and increased ability to handle stressful situations.
The gentle body movements encourage each person to discover their unbalanced muscular holding patterns and release them for greater ease in everyday movement as well as musical situations.

How has Qi Gong helped you as an organist?

Mentally, I have learned to maintain a calm state of mind through whatever situation is around me; I can therefore concentrate clearly on the director and musicians.
Physically, the simple movements remind me how to gently place my arms in position and maintain a relaxed physical stance while playing the organ. I get less tired and have more energy to give to the music.

Please bring a beach towel and yoga mat for comfort.
Saturday 31 October, 10:00am
Los Altos United Methodist Church
Live Oak Room (to the right of the Sanctuary)


Chapter Officers:
Tim Getz, Dean
Rani Fischer, SubDean
Lynda Alexander, Secretary
Ed Jennings, Treasurer
David Sheetz, Registrar
Duane Soubirous, Newsletter Editor
Jay Martin, Web Master
Executive Board
2016 Class -- Daniel Gonzalez, Jin Kyung Lim, Duane Soubirous
2017 Class -- Peter Bassford, Tysen Dauer
2018 Class -- Catha Hall, Curtis "Fjord" Hawthorne